Neck And Shoulder Pain Specialist

If you are one of the one in three people who suffer from a stiff and painful neck at least once a year, you deserve more than just symptomatic relief. Dr. Diane Grace Rossello at Rossello Family Chiropractic in Bowie, Maryland, addresses the source of your pain with chiropractic adjustments. Men, women, teens, and kids in Bowie, Maryland, and surrounding areas, can call Dr. Rossello for neck-pain relief, or book an appointment online.

Neck and Shoulder Pain Q & A

Why does my neck hurt?

The region of your spinal cord that corresponds to your neck is called the cervical spine. Though the cervical spine is the thinnest part of your spinal cord, it nevertheless must support the full weight of your head. Muscular tension in the shoulders, arms, head, and neck can move the vertebrae in the cervical spine slightly out of alignment (subluxation), putting pressure on your nerves and causing pain.

If you don’t treat a subluxation in the neck, the muscles around the misaligned vertebrae may spasm. Muscle spasms can lead to even more pain.

Conditions that may create cervical subluxation and neck pain include:

  • Weak core, neck, or shoulder muscles that cannot fully support the cervical spine and head
  • Muscular tension in the jaw, neck, shoulders, and chest
  • Deteriorated or injured vertebral discs that no longer sufficiently cushion the vertebrae and prevent them from rubbing together or injuring a nerve
  • Herniated disc (ruptured disc)
  • Trauma, including whiplash or a blow to the head
  • Bone spurs (small bony growths caused by aging) on edges of vertebrae
  • Skeletal abnormalities

Most neck pain is acute and is usually caused by something minor, such as making a sudden move or sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Acute neck pain resolves within hours to weeks. Chronic neck pain is neck pain that lasts for more than three months.

Who is at most at risk for chronic neck pain?

You may be more susceptible to chronic neck pain if you are:

  • Older
  • Female
  • Unhealthy

You are also more at risk if you have:

  • Three or more children
  • Psychological problems
  • Stressful living conditions
  • Past history of lower back pain
  • Past history of neck injury

How do chiropractors treat neck pain?

Dr. Rossello treats neck pain by going to the source of your pain -- the subluxation. She makes chiropractic adjustments to your cervical spine that put your vertebrae back into proper and healthy alignment. Once your spine is aligned, your body begins to heal itself.

Depending on the severity of your subluxation, she may also use therapies such as traction to decompress the spine, various types of massage, and electrical stimulation. She may also make recommendations for nutritional and lifestyle adjustments, including rehabilitation.

If you have acute or chronic neck pain that’s interfering with your quality of life, call Dr. Rossello. You can book an appointment by calling her helpful team at Rossello Family Chiropractic, or make an appointment using the online form.


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