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If you are one of the more than seven million men, women, and children in the United States with scoliosis (curved spine), you may have back pain or functional issues that impair your quality of life. You can get relief with treatment by an expert chiropractor, Dr. Diane Grace Rossello at Rossello Family Chiropractic in Bowie, Maryland. If you or your child have scoliosis and you live in or around Bowie, Maryland, reach out to Dr. Rossello’s friendly staff by phone or online booking form.

Scoliosis Q & A

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is an S- or C-shaped curvature of the spine that can cause pain and dysfunction. If you have a curved spine, your shoulders and hips may be out of alignment and look tilted.

What causes scoliosis?

Up to 85% of scoliosis cases are considered idiopathic, which means that doctors don’t know what caused it. In 15% of cases, either structural or nonstructural abnormalities are at the root of the curvature.

If you have structural scoliosis, the curvature of your spine is rigid and can’t be corrected. Your risk for structural scoliosis is increased if other members of your family have it.

Causes of structural scoliosis include:

  • Birth defects (congenital scoliosis)
  • Genetic conditions such as Down syndrome and Marfan syndrome
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Tumors

If you have nonstructural scoliosis, your spine functions normally despite the curvature. Nonstructural scoliosis is caused by underlying, treatable conditions. Treating the underlying condition usually resolves scoliosis.

Causes of nonstructural scoliosis include:

  • Legs of different length
  • Muscle spasms caused by subluxations (misalignment of spinal vertebrae)
  • Appendicitis and other inflammatory conditions that may put pressure on the spine

How can I prevent scoliosis?

Scoliosis is not caused by sports injuries, poor posture, or any other preventable cause. Scoliosis may be apparent at birth or may develop over time. Growth spurts in preteens and teens, as well as degenerative changes in aging spines, may lead to scoliosis.

How do chiropractors treat scoliosis?

Dr. Rossello chooses from a number of therapies based on the underlying cause of your scoliosis. She uses state-of-the-art technology and imaging techniques, such as ultrasound and nerve studies, to uncover abnormalities that may be contributing to your curved spine, including spinal subluxations.

To alleviate pain and dysfunction, she uses chiropractic manipulations that adjust your spine into a healthier alignment. She may also utilize electrical stimulation or cold-laser therapy to promote healing and proper functioning of surrounding muscles, ligaments, and other tissues.

She also gives you physical therapy and teaches you therapeutic exercises that strengthen your core muscles so that they better support your spine. Dr. Rossello makes nutritional recommendations to promote your overall health.

If you have pain or dysfunction from scoliosis, contact Dr. Rossello for an evaluation and treatment. You can book an appointment online, or call her friendly team in Bowie, Maryland to set up a consultation.


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