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Dr. Diane Rossello

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Rossello is an experienced chiropractor and wellness practicioner. Using the Activator Technique she has relieved my lower back pain. Her nursing background is an asset to making recommendations for overall wellness issues. Her personal interest and her medical care has helped improve my quality of life."
    Kathryn L. Submitted 12/21/18
  • "My adjustment really helped me yesterday. It's a big relief! Thanks, Renie"
    Renie F. Submitted 12/20/18
  • "Dr.Rosella is amazing. I have regained a normal posture after being under her care. She is nurturing and caring. She cares about the whole person."
    Janay C. Submitted 12/18/18
  • "Doctor Rossello has been my doctor for years. Her amazing bed side manner and medical expertise has been a blessing to me. She has helped me through a hip injury and now I’m working out again. I highly recommend her and her staff. They are great!!!!"
    Colleen C. Submitted 12/13/18
  • "My experiences have always been good"
    Shirley B. Submitted 12/12/18
  • "Dr. Rossello is a thorough knowledgeable and discerning chiropractor whose approach, technique and therapy has led me to be back pain free!"
    Stephanie L. Submitted 12/12/18
  • "None"
    Daniel C. Submitted 12/11/18
  • "Dr. Rossello best chiropractor. Good communication person, honest and carry. I definitely recommend dr. Rosello."
    Graciela R. Submitted 12/11/18
  • "Great visit very attentive and feel much better"
    Larry P. Submitted 12/04/18
  • "Awesome!"
    Daniel C. Submitted 12/04/18
  • "I meant to put a 5 star"
    Sonia C. Submitted 12/04/18
  • "On the outside things looked good, but I never realized in what condition my body was till I saw Dr. Rossello. She has open my eyes and has educated me on the importance of taking care of your health. She has done so in a different perspective. I am very thankful that she was put in my path as another guardian angel here on earth. She is very attentive, caring, and genuinely a down to earth person. If you want someone that will care about you and your health the way you do, then she is the right doctor for you!"
    Sonia C. Submitted 12/04/18
  • "Doctor Rosselló is nice person.Especially a good listener, patient and kind. She knows exactly where is my problems and help to adjust my body. She is a wonderful person. I really recommend her to anybody."
    Graciela R. Submitted 12/01/18
  • "Beyond chiropractic I always feel like Dr. Rossellini and Leigh Ann really care about me and my family"
    Cecilia C. Submitted 12/01/18
  • "I was greeted immediately upon my arrival and welcomed to the practice."
    Crystal J. Submitted 12/01/18
  • "Dr. Rossello is a fantastic and caring doctor. She's a gem to the medical the medical field and pleasure to be around. I would gladly recommend her to my family and friends."
    Veneshe F. Submitted 11/30/18
  • "I and my family have been going to Dr. Diane for years. She has excellent skills, the right frame of mind and a down-to-earth presence that makes our visits a joy and an essential part of our overall good health."
    Brian V. Submitted 11/30/18
  • "Dr. Rossello has been my chiropractor for 34 years. I am sure it is because of her skills that I have not followed most of my family and am happy to say I've had no joint replacements. I strayed once, since I moved 95 miles away, that didn't go well but Dr. Rossello fixed me, yet again. Absolutely worth the trip! If the day comes that she decides to retire I will find her and camp out in her front yard! Simply the best!"
    Wendy S. Submitted 11/29/18
  • "Fibromyalgia, I was in rough shape before seeing Dr. Rossello over ten years ago. At that time I was having terrible pain in my neck… I also like Dr. Rossello’s use of homeopathic treatments. I was diagnosed many years ago with Fibromyalgia. There is a pain in the muscles and ligaments as well as severe fatigue. Depending on what I am experiencing, she understands the body so well, that she offers homeopathic and vitamin supplements to help replenish what my body is missing. It is so amazing"
    Kelly G. Serafin / Pre K-4 Teacher Aide
  • "Intense Pain, Body, and Spirit, Two months ago, I came to Dr. Rossello, broken. Not in my bones, but in my spirit. I was in intense pain for several weeks when my friend suggested I see Dr. Rossello. She examined me and went to work towards my healing on the very first visit. I haven’t always been the best patient; canceling appointments, (which only led to longer treatment) and complaining about aches and pains (the staff was always empathetic…Dr. Rossello even prayed for me!) Now that I’"
    Amy Hinkley / Paralegal
  • "Menopause, I came to Dr. Rossello over five years ago with acute neck and shoulder blade pain. During my time with her, not only has she succeeded in relieving and eradicating the pain I lived with but together, we have moved my total health forward in many areas. As we all know, menopause is a challenge for all women. As a patient of Dr. Rossello’s, being adjusted regularly has helped me handle it with little or no drug use. Diane Rossello is one of the most forward, a front edge, practicing "
    Maria Picaza / Teacher
  • "Former Skeptic, I first saw Dr. Rossello when I had debilitating neck pain. Not only has my neck pain disappeared but other arthritic joint pains are much improved. This was my first experience with a chiropractor and I started with a good deal of skepticism. Now I come faithfully to follow-up appointments because the treatments have made a very positive impact on my comfort and well-being. Dr. Rossello is a jewel and highly recommended."
    Ruth Hughes / Deputy CEO
  • "Back problems following heart surgery, I have been a patient since 1997. I hurt my back and conventional doctors just gave me pain pills. I was referred to Dr. Rossello by a friend. Now, 10 years later, I am doing great! She has been a great doctor and I have recommended her to my friends. She was also able to help me through back-related problems from my heart surgery!"
    Larry R. Peterka / Computer Specialist
  • "Referred by my Orthopedic Doctor, My name is Louis Beale and I have been coming to see Dr. Rossello for well over several years. Each time that I have come, she has been a tremendous help to me. I have been in 5 accidents where I have been hit by other cars and trucks. There was one time in particular when my Orthopedic doctor said I should return to seeing Dr. Rossello to help me with my back. Once I made a wrong move while at home and could not straighten up. I called Dr. Rossello immediately,"
    Louise Beale / Business Owner
  • "Ankle and Back Pain Relief, I have been dancing, doing acrobatics, cheerleading, and doing gymnastics since I was 5. Many injuries and pains caused me to see a chiropractor. About one and a half years ago I had to get a cast on my ankle because of a fracture from landing a flip wrong. When my cast was removed, I continued to cheerlead, and after about 6 months of cheerleading and gymnastics, my ankle started hurting again, as well as my back. I heard about Rossello Family Chiropractic from my mo"
    Nikki Parise / Award Winning Cheerleader
  • "The office staff is nice. I always walk into the office and I get a friendly, “Hello, how are you?” They always have smiles on their faces. Also, you always get into to your appointment on time, which is very nice. After my treatments at Rossello Family Chiropractic I have noticed that I sleep better, and I don’t wake up in the morning with back pain, which is awesome. I think that my body is healthier overall from seeing Dr.Rossello."
    Nikki Parise / Award Winning Cheerleader
  • "LOWER BACK PAIN, My low back pain has been an ongoing problem for years. I went to many other chiropractors before I found Dr. Rossello. She knew immediately what my problem was and after the first treatment, I could tell a difference. I am 99% better and never miss my treatments. Dr. Rossello has a wonderful, caring staff and a kind office atmosphere. She is great!"
    Linda Collinson / CEO
  • "Nutritional improvement, I have been seeing Dr. Rossello off and on for 20 years. My complaints have been neck and lower back issues. Chiropractic therapy has always helped to correct many of my problems. Through adjustments and nutrition, I have had marked improvements. The staff and Dr. Rossello have always accommodated my needs and they are pleasant and efficient. Dr. Rossello seems very knowledgeable about all aspects of my health and I appreciate her honesty and integrity."
    Renie Freeman / Sales
  • "Auto Accident and Insomnia, I was referred by a friend, after having a car slam into the back of my SUV. I went to see Dr. Rossello after having back pain and sleepless nights. I became free from pain while getting my sleep back. Not to mention correcting my scoliosis. From car accidents to my extensive air travel to playing drums for worship artists, Dr. Rossello has helped me tremendously."
    Matt Reed / Producer/Drummer
  • "TMJ and Lyme Disease, I was referred to Rossello Family Chiropractic by two colleagues back in the early 90s. I initially went because of TMJ, but soon discovered there were other things that impacted on my wellness. I continue to get tremendous help from Dr. Rossello. I call her before I call my medical doctor because I trust and agree with her treatments. Keeping my chiropractic visits has kept me from many medical visits. Under her direction, I was referred to a specialist where I was diagnos"
    Patricia J. Roy / Reading Recovery Teacher
  • "Bowling Injury, As a result of injuring my back while bowling, I decided that chiropractic care would be the answer. With a referral from my insurance company, I came to Dr. Rossello. The treatments I received were good in that within time I began to get lots of pain relief, as well as being re-energized through therapy. I came to realize that in order to get better, I needed to have patience and to uphold the schedule of treatment. The atmosphere of the office is great – calming and caring. T"
    Gregory A. Phillips / Teacher Assistant
  • "Pain affected work, I had back and neck pain that constantly affected my work. Three visits with Dr. Diane and I was back in control. I know… it’s hard for me to believe as well! Now I’m working on total recovery and good habits. Think positive.! The people here ROCK!!"
    Kevin Ngugi / Director/IT Manager
  • "Scoliosis, Several years ago I was referred to Dr. Rossello by my Body & Soul Aerobics strength training instructor. Over the next months, I regularly saw Dr. Rossello and began to see the back pain lessen as she prayed over me during the adjustments. As God used her skill and expertise to heal me, my scoliosis all but disappeared! Since that time, my visits have been more infrequent, but I always look forward to visiting Dr. Rossello, her efficient staff, and very pleasant, welcoming office sur"
    Suzi Audi
  • "Neck Pain and Headaches Resolved, Before coming to Dr. Rossello, I experienced daily neck pain and headaches. My husband had been a patient of Dr. Rossello’s for years, and while I would come with him to his visits, I never scheduled one for myself. One day, enough was enough, and I decided to give chiropractic a try. After being treated by Dr. Rossello, the neck pain and headaches went away. Now we enjoy regular checkups so I don’t need to feel that way anymore. Dr. Rossello’s staff is al"
    Chrissy Bagnell / Auditor


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